Manage Country page is available in Customize/Countries section of ASPEC Setup.

Here Administrators can set the countries and states/provinces that will populate the Country and State/Province fields in the Account and Contact forms.

Setup - Countries

Fig: Editing Canada

To add a country, type the new country name into the New Country field and click the green “+” button. Add New Country

To delete a country, highlight the country in the list and click the red “-” button. Remove Country Button

To edit a country, highlight an existing country in the list, click the blue “E” buttonEdit Country, then edit the name in the New Country field and click the green “+” button to save it.

To add, delete or edit a State/Province, follow the same steps as for Country, but with the “+”,” -“, and “E” buttons in the State/Province box and the New State/Province field.

Note:  Be sure to click the save button at the top of the form to save your changes!