All IBOs listview

The All IBOs listview displays IBOs in an uncategorized (flat) list.


Click All IBOs tab in the Sales section to navigate to the All IBOs listview

Fig 1: All IBOs tab

The following elements are available in this listview:

Fig 2: Elements of All IBOs listview

1.Standard buttons, based on user’s privileges.

2. Quick Search: Type in a few letters for a quick search

3. Paging: View IBO list size, move to the next or previous page

4. Sort:  Click in this field to sort by the selected field.  Click the arrow up or down on the right to specify ascending or descending order.

5. Filter: More on the Filter tools here

6. Customizable columns:  Individual users can customize the view to fit their needs. More in this post

7. Selection box: Put a checkbox here to select all IBOs in the listview.

The  selection box also displays the IBO’s phase.  Quickly view where you are in the sales cycle. Blue colour marks Probe phase, green – Prove and red – Close, stripes – Overdue IBO. Green symbol denotes Won IBOs, and red “x” – Lost IBOs.

This listview displays rows of  data, based on the  Filter.  Usually users do not want to look at all records.  Please read this post about filters, exports and reports.