Product List

The Products section defines the Products and Product Groups that appear as options in the IBO Form Product Information area. When adding or editing an IBO or a Lead, users will be able to select from these Products and Product Groups.


Fig: Adding Product Peripherals to the Product Group Dell



To Add a Product, click the “Add” button at the top of the product list.

Choose the Product Group that the new product should belong to, enter the product name and save.

You may also enter a Product Number, Default Price, and Description of the product, which will also appear on the IBO Form when Products are added to an IBO.

If you enter Order Sequence, this Product will show in a given order when its Product Group is selected in the IBO.  For example, based on the above image, Peripherals will be listed on the 3rd position if the user selects Dell as the Product Group.

If the Order Sequence is 0 or empty, then the Products will show in the alphabetical order.

Fig: Ordered list of Products for Dell


To add a new Product Group, click “Add Product Group” button in the Add a Product dialog (see below), enter the name for the new product group and click “OK”.

The new Product Group will now appear in the drop-down list of Product Groups.



Fig: Adding a new Product Group


To Delete a Product, first high-light a user by clicking the row that they are listed in, and click the “Delete” button.