• Interaction

    Overview “Customer interactions come in all descriptions, but the most important are those that involve people, and most significantly, people … Read more →

  • Interactions listview

    Every interaction with the Contact is very important and needs to be recorded. The Interaction listview allows you to manage and … Read more →

  • Configuring ASPEC

    After logging in to ASPEC you will see your Home screen. On the top right hand side of the screen … Read more →

  • Organization Profile

    Organization Profile is the first configuration that ASPEC Administrators should fill out. Fig 1: Organization Profile Organization Profile contains the … Read more →

  • Network Access

    Advanced Network Security Feature The Network Access section is an advanced security feature which allows the creation of an IP Whitelist. An IP Whitelist is … Read more →

  • Required Fields

    On this page in Setup, the Administrator(s) can quickly select which fields are required.  Simply check the field that should … Read more →

  • Assign users to roles in management hierarchy

    Overview First, Administrators set up ASPEC Users.  If  Advanced Role Filter is enabled in Organization Profile.  Adminstrators proceed to creating Roles.  … Read more →

  • Roles

    The Manage Roles section is used to create a hierarchy of sales territories, channels or any other type of hierarchy structure that … Read more →

  • Users

    To add or modify a name, email address, phone number, number format, language or time zone, go to the Users page in … Read more →

  • Contacts Listview

    Contact listview was designed to display all or selected Contacts.  It can be accessed from anywhere in ASPEC by clicking … Read more →

  • Countries

    Manage Country page is available in Customize/Countries section of ASPEC Setup. Here Administrators can set the countries and states/provinces that will … Read more →

  • Lookups Setup

    Overview It makes sense to make various fields, standard and custom, to be dropdowns rather than textboxes,  Users type in … Read more →

  • Products Setup

    SETUP OPTION FUNCTION Add New Product On IBO? Enabling this option lets users create new products in the IBO Form, rather … Read more →

  • Product List

    The Products section defines the Products and Product Groups that appear as options in the IBO Form Product Information area. … Read more →

  • IBO Activity

    The IBO Activity view is available for ASPEC Administrators. It shows all IBO activity for your organization including name, action … Read more →

  • Login Activity

    The Login Activity view is available for ASPEC Administrators. It shows a login history for all users, including name and … Read more →

  • Mobile Activity

    There is a new analytical page for Mobile Activity. On this page, users can see logins, synchronizations, and a list … Read more →