• Configuring ASPEC

    After logging in to ASPEC you will see your Home screen. On the top right hand side of the screen … Read more →

  • Listview columns

    Every user can customize columns in the Account, Contact, All IBOs, Quotes, Interactions and Service listviews. To perform this customization, … Read more →

  • Forms Customization

    It is a common practice that Administrators add fields to the standard Forms to address business requirements that are specific to their … Read more →

  • Organization Profile

    Organization Profile is the first configuration that ASPEC Administrators should fill out. Fig 1: Organization Profile Organization Profile contains the … Read more →

  • Export templates

    Export templates define columns in output files produced by Export action or by reports.   Users who are allowed to … Read more →

  • Subscriptions

    Each user has an option to subscribe to the following notifications: Overdue Notifications An Email is sent to the Owner … Read more →

  • User Profile

    Each ASPEC user has a User Profile, located in the Setup section.  Here Administrators configure login credentials, Locale settings, access … Read more →

  • Email Notifications

    Set defaults for email notifications in this setup.   Individual users can override these settings in their Subscriptions profile, Note: the … Read more →

  • Integrations

    This page is used to enter information that is necessary for the integration with InxMail mailing system.  Please contact us … Read more →

  • Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Emails and Calendar

    Overview ASPEC Microsoft Outlook Add-In pushes selected Emails into ASPEC, synchronizes Appointments and Calendars from ASPEC into Microsoft Outlook and … Read more →

  • Network Access

    Advanced Network Security Feature The Network Access section is an advanced security feature which allows the creation of an IP Whitelist. An IP Whitelist is … Read more →

  • Required Fields

    On this page in Setup, the Administrator(s) can quickly select which fields are required.  Simply check the field that should … Read more →

  • Assign users to roles in management hierarchy

    Overview First, Administrators set up ASPEC Users.  If  Advanced Role Filter is enabled in Organization Profile.  Adminstrators proceed to creating Roles.  … Read more →

  • Roles

    The Manage Roles section is used to create a hierarchy of sales territories, channels or any other type of hierarchy structure that … Read more →

  • Users

    To add or modify a name, email address, phone number, number format, language or time zone, go to the Users page in … Read more →

  • Accounts Setup

    Accounts Setup contains the following configurations: Fig: Account Setup Google Places: If enabled (checked), the address in new Accounts and Sub-Accounts … Read more →

  • Address Setup

    You can add Custom Fields for Address in Customize/Address of the Setup section. Fig 1: Adding Address Custom Field Read … Read more →

  • Campaigns Setup

    Customize/Campaings page of the ASPEC Setup is designed for importing Marketing Campaigns and Events. Fig: Campaigns and Events Setup

  • Contacts Setup

    Contacts Profile is found in the Customize/Contacts section of ASPEC Setup.   The Profile contains the following buttons and sections: … Read more →

  • Countries

    Manage Country page is available in Customize/Countries section of ASPEC Setup. Here Administrators can set the countries and states/provinces that will … Read more →

  • Currency

    Configure your base Currency and additional Currencies and their conversion rates in the Setup/Customize/Currencies page. Opportunities (IBOs) can be assigned … Read more →

  • Global Filters Setup

    ASPEC Search Filter is a powerful tool for drilling data.  It allows to search on criteria related to multiple record … Read more →

  • Interactions Setup

    Interaction Setup is used for setting up Page Layout and Imports. Here you can also hide the Interaction view tab from … Read more →

  • Leads Setup

    In this setup the Admin configures the following options: If the Marketing module is used. the placement of the Lead … Read more →

  • Lookups Setup

    Overview It makes sense to make various fields, standard and custom, to be dropdowns rather than textboxes,  Users type in … Read more →

  • Opportunities (IBOs) Setup

    The Opportunity Profile in Customize/Opportunities of ASPEC Setup is designed to customize the form and import IBOs.   Fig 1: … Read more →

  • Products Setup

    SETUP OPTION FUNCTION Add New Product On IBO? Enabling this option lets users create new products in the IBO Form, rather … Read more →

  • Product List

    The Products section defines the Products and Product Groups that appear as options in the IBO Form Product Information area. … Read more →

  • Quotes Setup

    ASPEC Administrators must configure Quote Profile in Customize/Quote section of ASPEC Setup. In addition to actions common for all Form … Read more →

  • Customize Workflow

    Page workflows mean that one custom dropdown controls what values are shown in another custom dropdown or if a custom section … Read more →

  • IBO Activity

    The IBO Activity view is available for ASPEC Administrators. It shows all IBO activity for your organization including name, action … Read more →

  • Custom Form Fields and Layout

    Configuring custom form layout is done by ASPEC Administrators in the following 2 or 3 steps: Adding Custom Fields Configuring … Read more →

  • Login Activity

    The Login Activity view is available for ASPEC Administrators. It shows a login history for all users, including name and … Read more →

  • Mobile Activity

    There is a new analytical page for Mobile Activity. On this page, users can see logins, synchronizations, and a list … Read more →

  • Imports

    Overview Import tool is available on Account, Contact, Opportunity (IBO) , Interaction and other form setups. Administrators can use Import … Read more →

  • Importing Contacts

    Checking for duplicates Accounts before importing Contacts   Sometimes you need a quick way of importing Contacts from various events … Read more →