ASPEC is the first and only sales-centric Opportunity Management or CRM system.  It helps sales people in organizations of any size win more sales, effectively manage their sales channels, and get more accurate and reliable sales forecasts.

ASPEC is available in an Opportunity Mananagement and CRM editions for mobile and desktop (browser-based).   If you signed up as a solo user, some features will be disabled in your free version.

Please visit our website to learn more about the product.

Using Help

ASPEC Help is context-sensitive.   Clicking on the ? image loads Help that is relevant to the ASPEC form or listview.  You can also search all Help categories for more information.   If you have questions or comments, please send us a note to or

ASPEC Setup and Configuration

As with any system, to reap the full benefit of ASPEC, you need to configure users, custom fields, lookup values. Read more on the ASPEC administration here.


Regardless if you are a solo user and a part of a bigger team with complex organizational hierarchy, using ASPEC is easy.

ASPEC provides

Simple and quick data entry.

Graphical and interactive interface for instant comprehension.

Visibility to data that is relevant to each user, based on the user’s role.

360 degree view of Accounts and Contacts.

Built-in, patented Sales Methodology.  ASPEC Advisor is one of the ways ASPEC helps salespeople sell more.

High benefit / low cost: you get more out than you put in.

Real sales support = more wins.

20% to 30% time savings over other CRM apps.

An introduction to using ASPEC can be found here.