IBO Form – ASPEC Mobile

The IBO Form is used to create or edit sales opportunities as well as add or edit interactions for each opportunity. Clicking an IBO in Priority, Forecast or All IBOs list views will open the IBO form for that specific IBO. New opportunities can be created from any of these three views as well.

You must tap Save in an IBO form to keep any changes you’ve made.

When was this opportunity identified: Pick the date that you first discovered this opportunity. The Start Date field is used to set the beginning of the sales cycle and indicates when this sales opportunity first came to be. The start date defaults to the current date and is usually best left as the current date. However, in some cases you may want to change the start date if you are entering the new IBO some time after you first become aware of it.

When will this opportunity end: This field sets the end date of the sales cycle for this opportunity. The value of this field is your best estimate of when this sale is going to close (ie. the customer has made their purchasing decision). Choosing an accurate date for “When Will It Happen” is important, as it sets the time window in which you have to sell your solution to the customer. You can enter your best estimate of the closing date by clicking once on the down arrow to the right of the ‘When Will It Happen’ field.

When you have answered these two questions, ASPEC will graphically display the sales cycle for this opportunity. Today will be marked by a graphical arrow. Just under the sales cycle diagram, you can see how long the sales cycle is, as well as how much time there is left before it ends.

Risk/Probability Assessment, Priority, and ASPEC Advisor Pro

Will we win this opportunity: The answer to this question establishes the chances of the customer buying from you rather than the competition. You can choose an answer to Will We Get It by clicking once on one of the three options.

Will this opportunity go through to completion: The answer to this question establishes the chances of the customer making a purchase, from you or some other vendor. You can choose an answer to by clicking one of the three options. This question is shortened to “Will It Happen.”

Priority Result and ASPEC Advisor Pro: The Priority and ASPEC Advisor Pro responses are automatically calculated and displayed.


Tap the Contact field to select a contact. The list of contacts has automatically been downloaded from ASPEC Cloud. To enter a new contact, tap the + button on the contact lookup screen.

IBO Details

Status: The status of any IBO will default to “Open” when first created. When you win, lose, or cancel an IBO, you want to change the value of this field. Once you change the status, you will be asked for the date and reasons.

Committed: Selecting this option effectively “commits” the IBO to the forecast. When using the Forecast section or exporting IBOs, this value can be used to view a forecast of only “committed” IBOs.

Description: Enter any notes about the IBO here.


Here you can add the Product(s) that you are selling to the IBO. Tap the green plus button to add a new Product. On the following screen, select the Product Group, Product, and enter any description value.


Here you can add interactions for this Opportunity. Simply tap the green plus button to see the New Interaction form, then enter the interaction type, date, summary and any description notes.