ASPEC Mobile: Priority View

The Priority View displays a list of all of your open sales opportunities, and can be used to prioritize and determine which opportunity to focus on.  This is a list of your sales opportunities which make up your “portfolio”. You should work it from the top to the bottom. ASPEC Mobile has done the difficult work of characterizing the opportunities for you.  This list should be consulted and updated regularly.

The Priority view prioritizes and displays your opportunities in six categories:  Review First, Review Second, Review Third, Breakthrough Needed, Leave it Alone, and Overdue.  This is calculated from a combination of the probability that you assign and where you are in the sales cycle. Make sure to update the “IBO Essentials” regularly to have ASPEC Mobile assign the priorities correctly. If you do that, you will be sure that you can work your list from top to bottom with confidence that you are putting your efforts to the best effect.

Once you select a priority by tapping the appropriate row, you will see a list of all open opportunities for that Priority.