The Calendar dashboard gives you a central location to manage all your appointments and tasks. You can manage, add or edit your Appointments and Tasks from this dashboard. Email notifications make you and your sales team more efficient by helping you stay on top of your sales activities.


Fig 1: Calendar dashboard

The dashboard is split into Appointments(1) and Tasks(2).

The following features are available in the Appoitntment section: Add Appointment (3), View Only MIne (4), timeframe selector(5). In Tasks section you can create new Tasks(6), view Only MIne (7), view Completed (8) and change the sort value(9).

Setting up an appointment is simple, simple click “Add Appointment” and fill in the following fields.


Fig 2: Appointment

  1. Subject:  Give your appointment a relevant subject.
  2. Date:  Put the date of the appointment in.
  3. Start Time:  Enter the start of the scheduled appointment.
  4. End Time:  Enter the end of the scheduled appointment.
  5. Description:  Include a description, itinerary or any relevant appointment notes and reminders.
  6. Owner
  7. Link Document:  Optional.   You can link an Appointment to an Account, Contact, IBO, Lead or Event.  You can click x to link the Appointment to a different record.   In this case, checking “Context Search” narrows the selection to records under the same Account as the original Appointment


Fig 3: Linking Appointment to a different record

Tasks do not have the Start and End Time.  Adding a task is simple, simple click “Add Task” and fill in the following fields.


Fig 4: Task

  1. Subject:  Give your task a relevant subject.
  2. Start Date:  Enter the start date of the task.
  3. End Date:  Enter an end date for the task.
  4. Status:  Select a relevant status for the task.
  5. Priority:  Assign a priority for the task to insure timely completion.
  6. Description:  Describe the task, its objectives, stakeholders and any performance measures.
  7. Owner
  8. Link Document: Optional, as in Appointment.

Depending on the  version of ASPEC, you can synchronize ASPEC Calendar with Mictosoft Outlook if you install Microsoft Outlook Add-In for ASPEC..