Event Source

If your organization is using the ASPEC Marketing module, you can track how and when the contact became interested, by tagging a Source — Campaign and its Event —  in Contacts, Leads and IBOs.

Events are a major crossover point between Marketing and Sales. Each Contact, Lead and IBO created in ASPEC can be attributed to a “Source Event.”  To ensure that every possible Source Event is available in the list, you should stock your Marketing database with relevant Events.


Fig: Source Campaign and Event in Contact

The Source Campaign dropdown contains all Campaigns that have at least one Event that is active (In Progress).  Selecting a Campaign displays its active Events in the second dropdown.  However, historical Campaigns and Events in the Source fields became available on Contacts, Leads and IBOs that were created in the past, when now Completed Events were active.

You can use the reporting tool in ASPEC to figure out which Events generated Contacts, Leads and IBOs.