Deleting and deactivating users

ASPEC Administrators can delete or deactivate users who no longer need access to ASPEC.   Deactivated users do not count towards the number of purchased ASPEC licenses and remain available for reporting and filtering.

Deletions were designed to remove duplicate users in a rare case when the Administrator makes a mistake entering users.   We do not recommend deleting historical users.  Names of deleted users are not available to reporting, filtering and  in some columns.

Instead of deleting users, please deactivate them instead.


Duplicate or incorrectly entered users are deleted by clicking Delete button.


Fig: Deleting a user

Users who have at least one Open IBO or Lead cannot be deleted.   All Open IBOs and Leads must be re-assigned prior to deletion.

Fig: Warning when deleting a user with Open IBOs or Leads

Users are deactivated by clearing “Active User” field and saving User Profile.

Fig: Deactivating a user