Email Notifications

Set defaults for email notifications in this setup.   Individual users can override these settings in their Subscriptions profile,

Note: the list of options depends on the edition of ASPEC.

Default ON on Overdue Subscriptions: If this option is set then any new user is set to receive notifications about overdue IBOs owned by that user.

Send Notification x Day(s) Before Overdue IBOs:  Email is sent to the IBO Owner before this number of days to the estimated  IBO close date.

Default ON Lead Notifications: If this option is checked then Lead Owners receive notifications about new or reassigned Leads

Default ON Appointment and Task Subscriptions: If this option is checked then Appointment and Task Owners receive emails about new Calendar entries created for them.

Send reminders about Pending Task and Appointments x Day(s): Number of days before overdue that the Owners of Calendar entries receive an email notification.

The following information will be included in Leads/Opportunities Email Notifications:  Select what type of information is included in the email notifications.

Note: The editor of the new or modified  Lead or IBO will not receive any email notification. Notifications are sent to other people – Owners or Team members -, informing them about a new or modified Lead or IBO.

Emails about Overdue IBOs and pending Appointments and Task emails are sent to Owners.