Follow-Up Lists

When a marketing Event is created, you want to ensure that the applicable Contact are targeted in a timely manner.  For example, if your attended a tradeshow, you want to call Contacts that visited your booth.

To automate this process, tag these Contacts for an action relevant to the Event.    To have the list handy, press the button Generate Follow-up List, that is available in Read mode.


Fig 1: Creating a Follow-Up list

All Contacts from the Event’s Collection will be added to a Follow-Up folder that is available in the Contact section of ASPEC.  This folder contains all Contacts that were tagged for a follow-up from any Marketing Event.  You can view a Follow-Up Event as one of the columns or you can filter the listview to find Contacts that need a specific action related to that Event.


Fig 2: Follow-Up folder

If a Contact needs a follow-up based on multiple Events, the Follow-Up column contains arrows to view the previous and the next Event.

The folder has the following actions:

  1. Add Interaction.  Clicking it creates Marketing Interaction, linked to the Event displayed in the Follow-Up Event column.
  2. Remove. Clicking the button removes the tag to follow-up the Contact with the Event displayed in the Follow-Up Event column.   If this was the only Event, the Contact will also be removed from the Follow-Up fiolder.