Merging Contacts

Sometimes you may end up with duplicate Contacts.

To resolve a duplication manually, you can move the Leads, IBOs and Interactions, one by one, under the “winning” Contact, and then delete the duplicate. A faster approach is to use Merge action, that blends multiple Contacts into one.  All Leads, IBOs and Interactions are stored under the “winning” Contact.

Note: Manual resolution or Merge results in having multiple Contacts “fused” into one.  For cases where a Contact moves to another Account or someone else takes over the Contact’s responsibilities, use Move action.


To Merge, select relevant Contacts in a listview and click Merge.  You will be presented with a dialog to select a “winning” Contact.


Fig: Merging 2 Contacts

The result is one Contact, with the winning Contact’s address and communication fields, having Leads and IBOs that used to belong to all Contacts before merge.