Network Access

Advanced Network Security Feature

The Network Access section is an advanced security feature which allows the creation of an IP Whitelist.

An IP Whitelist is a list of allowed IP addresses or IP address ranges from which your users can access ASPEC Cloud.

When Enabled, the Network Access feature will block out all other attempts to log in to your organization’s accounts.

You can find the IP address of the computer you are currently using with services such as or contact your internet service provider or network admin.

To turn on this functionality, check the “Enabled” box. Note that any users trying to access ASPEC Cloud from any IP Address outside the defined range will not be able to log in.

Add New IP Address Range

To Add an IP Range, click the “Add” button at the top of the Trusted IP Ranges list. Enter the Start IP Address and End IP Address. If you want to specify a single IP Address, enter it as both the Start IP Address and the End IP Address. You can also add a Description of each IP Range. Click “OK” to save. Your new IP Range will appear in the table.

Add New IP Address Range Dialog Popup

Delete IP Address Range Button

To Delete an IP Range, first highlight a the range to be deleted by clicking the row that it is listed in, and click the “Delete” button.

Save Button
Clicking the “Save” button at the top of the Network Access page will save your settings.