Service Order

Service Orders outline the work (being) done to remedy a service problem. In SERVICE, the Service Order document is always connected with a CARE Request. Service Orders are useful for billing purposes, and to show customers what service has been provided.

Typically, a service order is generated for each visit to the customer’s site or a single repair at the factory.

Create a Service Order by clicking a button on an Open Service Request.


Fig 1: Service Order

There are the following areas on the form:

  1. Service Request details
  2. Account
  3. Account Structure and Account Address
  4. Contact(s)
  5. Service Order information ( status, dates, Owner)
  6. Description
  7. Service Performed
  8. Charges Table
  9. Sections of Custom Fields (not displayed in the image above)

Closing out a Service Request may take several visits or activities. To keep your records straight, create a new Service Order each time a new service is performed.