• Service module

    Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any thriving business. Ask customers what keeps them buying again and again, and many … Read more →

  • Service Order

    Service Orders outline the work (being) done to remedy a service problem. In SERVICE, the Service Order document is always … Read more →

  • Technical Assessment

    Service users can request a Technical Assessment if they lack the technical background to diagnose a certain system/instrument problem. The … Read more →

  • Service Requests

    Think of a Request as a service ticket. Create a new Service Request every time a customer asks for help. Over … Read more →

  • Service Interactions

    ASPEC Service keeps track of service progress. You can record progress on Requests and inform colleagues about parts, assistance needed or … Read more →

  • Service Listviews

    Clicking Service takes ASPEC users to the Service module. Service tab is divided into Devices, Requests and Orders.   Fig: Service section … Read more →

  • Device

    Each time a new system or a service is sold, you should add Device information to ASPEC Service.  As you use … Read more →

  • Forms Customization

    It is a common practice that Administrators add fields to the standard Forms to address business requirements that are specific to their … Read more →