Configuring ASPEC

After logging in to ASPEC you will see your Home screen. On the top right hand side of the screen you will see gears with a drop down arrow. Click on the drop down menu and select Setup.


Fig 1: Accessing Setup

Clicking Setup opens the ASPEC Setup section.  The full Setup is available only to Administrators.  Other users will see only Personal Setup.



Fig 2: ASPEC Setup as viewed by an Adminstrator

Users who have the rights to Export can set their Export Templates.

Any user can sign up to emails about new Leads created for them, their overdue Opportunities(IBOs) and pending Tasks and Appointments.

Any user can also change their Locale settings (language and other defaults).


General Setup

In this section Administrators set default for the whole Organization.  Email Notifications can be adjusted for individual users in Subscriptions in Personal Setup.

Organization Profile Is the first profile that needs to be configured before using ASPEC.

Next. add ASPEC User(s) or configure your own User Profile.



Customize section contains Form Profiles ( Account, Contact, Interaction) as well as setups that apply to more than one form or a listview.

Each Form Profile contains a section for setting Custom Fields and Layouts and importing individual type of records (Account, Contacts etc.)

The available configurations are as follows:

  • Account Form Profile – enable Google Places or Legal Entities
  • Address –  add more address fields if needed
  • Campaigns – for importing Events and Campaigns, if your Organization is using Marketing module
  • Contact Form Profile – set up address fields inherited from Accounts, lock phone labels, sorting in Contacts section on Account page
  • Countries – set the Countries and States/Provinces
  • Currencies – set Currencies and exchange rate
  • Devices, Service Requests, Orders, Interactions and Technical Assessments – Form Profiles needed if your Organization is using the Service module
  • Global Filters – make search tool as friendly as possible, moving the most common options to the top of the screen
  • Interaction Form Profile
  • Leads Form Profile
  • Lookups – here Adminstrators control what is shown in dropdowns
  • Opportunities Form Profile
  • Product Lists, Products – enter what your Organization is selling to the customers and set a few options
  • Quotes –  set the Approval options
  • Workflows – add oomph to your custom fields and custom sections



Analytics section provides an insight into ASPEC usage by individual users.