To add or modify a name, email address, phone number, number format, language or time zone, go to the Users page in Setup.  From here you can see all active and inactive users currently available.

ASPEC Administrators have access to all User Profiles.  Other users can view only their own profile to modify selected fields.

At the top you will see the total number of Licenses available, as well as current Active Users.

Click Add to add a new user.  See below for more details on configuring an individual user.

Select a user and click Delete to remove a user.  Note that yous should consider marking a user as inactive rather than deleting a user.  An inactive user will not be able to log in to the software, but will remain assigned to IBOs and available for reporting and filtering. Please read more why we don;t recommend deleting users here.

Click the Export button to export the user list.  This will download a file in CSV Format (which can be opened in most popular spreadsheet programs) with all the users and their rights.

To quickly find a user, simply type right in the Filter box at the top of the screen.  You can search on first name, last name, email, and phone number.  The results will filter as you type.

To change a password, edit your profile by clicking your name in the users list, then click the “Change Password” button. Enter the users new password and click “Save”.

To open an existing user to review details, either single click the first name in the view, or double-click anywhere in the row.

User Profile

Please read more in this post on individual User Profiles.