Priority listview

Priority view is access by clicking the Priority tab in the navigation bar.

Fig 1: Priority tab

This view displays a list of all of your open sales Opportunities, and can be used to prioritize your time and determine which Opportunity to focus on. The Priority view groups and displays your opportunities in six categories: Overdues, Review First, Review Second, Review Third and two special categories called Breakthrough Needed and Leave it Alone.

Priority displays a great deal of useful information about your open Opportunities. The list includes all of the pertinent information. You can open the detailed IBO Form by clicking on the IBO, but this usually won’t be necessary. The listview displays the Sales Cycle Analysis, showing the probability of winning this sale, the very important date the IBO was last reviewed, and the other elements of the sale.   This is a list of your sales Opportunity “portfolio”.  You should work it from the top to the bottom. ASPEC has done the difficult work of sorting the opportunities for you.

This list should be consulted and updated regularly. It is organized first by Priority – which is calculated from a combination of the probability that you assign and where you are in the sales cycle. Make sure to update the “IBO Essentials” regularly to make sure that ASPEC assigns these priorities correctly. If you do that, you will be sure that you can work your list from top to bottom with confidence that you are putting your efforts to the best effect.

Fig 2: View components

The view actions contain the following elements:

1.Priority selector:  Select a Priority to view all IBOs in that Priority

2. Bar Scale:  Here you can change the scale of all of the Sales Cycles.  Type a number in the box, and select Day/Week/Month/Year.

3. Standard buttons: based on the User’s privileges

4. Paging: click < or > to move to the previous or next page

5. Sorting: select how to sort the view

6. Filter: saved Preset and the Filter



Fig 3: IBO displayed in the Priority listview

The listview contains the following columns:

1.  Color-coded Phase: blue for Probe, green for Prove and red for Close. This column also acts as the IBO selector, for example for exporting selected IBOs.

2. Sales Cycle Analysis: Starting from the left, the column displays the IBO Number, Probability the Probability Matrix, and a graphical sales cycle representation of the Sales Cycle.  You can change the scale of all the Sales Cycles by typing in the number in the Bar Scale menu and/or o changing the Units from Days, Weeks, Months, or Years.   This column also displays a Sales Cycle Graph.  Note that depending on the bar scale, you may not be able to see the entire Sales Cycle.

3. IBO Essentials:  Displays user’s assessment of the probability of winning and the expected close date.

4. IBO Information: Displays the IBO Owner, the name of the Account and Contact and Total Price

5. Last/Next: Last Interactions and next task or appointment, linked to this IBO.  This column has to be enabled by the ASPEC Administrator.

6. Product: Displays the Product Group, Product, Quantity and the Total Price for that Product

7. Description: Short Description

Columns in this view are not customizable.

This listview displays rows of  data, based on the  Filter.  Usually users do not want to look at all records.  Please read this post about filters, exports and reports.