Find the data you want to see – Working with Filters, Exports and Report

ASPEC provides several listviews that display all records of a single type  like Accounts, Contacts, IBOs and more.  Sometimes users want to narrow down the list of records, based on conditions related to that record type or other related records.   For example, a Regional Sales Manager may want to examine all Open IBOs, created within the last month, for Contacts in Chicago under Accounts in Education category.

Use Filters to define the set of records you are interested in – and all records can also be a valid option – you can view and sort them in an ASPEC listview or export them to a file.

Each of these listviews contains a Filter and Export button.  The Filter (1) is in the top right corner, Export (2) in the main listview bar.  Reports (3) are stored in a separate section.


Fig: Filter, Export and Report

Everybody can use the Filter – a powerful search tool – to find the data that they need. In addition to using the Filter, some people can export and run reports, based on the privileges configured by the Administrators.

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Listviews allow to sort the record list and configure columns that are of interest to the current user, but exporting the records to a csv or MS Excel format allows to use the tools provided by MS Excel to analyze the data. Configurable Export Templates allow to define the output columns and the file format.

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Reports combine the capability of Filters and Exports.   Here the search conditions (Filters) work with the output file definition (Exports). Unlike Exports that are run once and manually, reports can be executed repeatably and delivered to multiple recipients.

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