Interactions listview

Every interaction with the Contact is very important and needs to be recorded. The Interaction listview allows you to manage and view each Interaction with the customer. Sort through your customer interactions by date, owner, company, summary, IBO or Lead, type and description and other information.

Taking clients out, pitching your product and meetings are all important pieces which come together when winning a sale. The Interaction listview ensures that no information is lost, forgotten or mistaken regarding each Interaction.  Here you can view all Interaction types: Opportunity, Relationship, Lead and Marketing focused.


Fig: Interaction listview

Note the first column and the Focus column in the image above.  Opportunity and Relationship Interactions belong to the Sales module of ASPEC are are denoted in the orange colour, whereas Lead and Marketing Interactions belong to the Marketing module and are denoted in a violet colour.

The navigation bar of the view contains the following button and other controls:

  1. Create: click it to create new objects
  2. Delete: click to delete an Interaction
  3. Export: click to export selected or all Interactions using any of  your Interaction Export Templates
  4. Search:  Start searching by typing in the box.
  5. Paging: view the list size of the searched Interactions and scroll to the next or previous page
  6. Sort:  Sort your search results. Select a field and the sort order.
  7. Presets, Filter and Column Configuration:  Read more on Presets and Filter here.  Read this post on configuring columns.
  8. All Interactions selector
  9. Selected Interaction(s) selector. This option is used when exporting only selected Interactions.