Quotes Setup

ASPEC Administrators must configure Quote Profile in Customize/Quote section of ASPEC Setup. In addition to actions common for all Form Profiles (customize Form Layout, perform Import), this Profile is also used to set up a Quote Approval Workflow as well as to upload templates for MS Word Quote Add-In.


Fig: Quote Setup

First, you need to specify what name the sales quote will bear. Most Organizations call it Quote, but some prefer to use RFQ or RFP.

Next, set the default Status of the Quote.  This value will be automatically loaded into new Quotes.

Quotes can be subject to an approval process.  When the Quote is saved with a specified Status, then Approvers selected on that Quote receive an Email Notification.  You set that special Status in the field labelled “Notify Approvers Status”.  Field labelled “Authorized Users” stored the names of people who can be selected as Approvers on individual Quotes.

If the Quote is in “Lockdown Editing Status” then nobody can edit it anymore, except the ASPEC Administrators.

Note: if the Approvers list on an individual Quote is empty, then the Lockdown Status is irrelevant.  That Quote is always editable.

Please read the example of the Quote Workflow in this post.