Service module

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any thriving business. Ask customers what keeps them buying again and again, and many will say “top notch service.” More than price, features – even product quality – excellent and attentive service helps ensure customer loyalty.

Anyone who has had a piece of machinery fail at a critical moment can attest to the importance of good service. The quality of service delivered is something customers remember for a long time. Moreover, the customer who appreciates good service is also the most likely to never forget bad service – and tell all their friends about it. Simply put, service matters.

Service module encourages stronger ties between Sales and Service that need to work side-by-side. It is also a comprehensive tool for the Service team, allowing to plan and prioritize Service interventions.

Having a Service module allows the Sales reps to track Product installations and full Service history in their territory.

Service staff have access to the latest customer information, from ongoing sales opportunities to requests for assistance with product demonstrations.


Record types in ASPEC Service

A Device (Instrument) records should be created each time a sale takes place.  Devices serve as Install Base.  Some organizations also add Instruments that they are servicing, but not necessary sold these Instruments.

Requests serve as service tickets for Devices that need to be installed, repaired, maintained or deacticated.  A Technical Assessment by a specialist might be required before the actual work takes place. That work and all associated cost is tracked in Orders that are linked to Requests.   General Service Interactions and Emails can also be tracked under each Request.  When the work is completed, the Order(s) and the Request status changes to Closed.

Read more on each of  the following record types:

Service listviews display Devices, Requests and Orders.  You can search in these listviews using the Service Filter.


Navigating to ASPEC Service

Click on the Service tab to view Devices, Requests and Orders.


Fig: Service section