Accounts Setup

Accounts Setup contains the following configurations:

Fig: Account Setup

  1. Google Places: If enabled (checked), the address in new Accounts and Sub-Accounts will be populated using this lookup.
  2. Use Legal Entity: If selected, users can mark Accounts with a special flag.
  3. Label for Legal Entity:  You can call the flag Legal Entity, Billing Accounts etc.
  4. Default Legal Entity: If this checkbox is selected, then new Accounts are automatically marked as Legal Entity.  Users can clear the mark.
  5. Fields to Inherit from Parent Account: Select which fields should be pre-populated when creating a Sub-Account from a parent Account or Sub-Account.
  6. Custom Fields:  Not shown in the image above. Section to add or remove custom fields.   When you are done, click Custom Field Layouts to add these fields to sections. For more information read this post.