Contacts Listview

Contact listview was designed to display all or selected Contacts.  It can be accessed from anywhere in ASPEC by clicking the Contacts tab.

Fig 1: Contacts tab


Here you can create new ones, view existing ones and drill the Contact segments.


Fig 2: Contact listview

The listview has the following actions:

  1. Create:  Click “Create” to create a new contact.
  2. Delete:  Delete contacts by selecting the account and clicking “Delete”.
  3. Merge:  Merge contacts by clicking on the contacts and clicking “Merge”.  More in this action here.
  4. Move: More on this action here: Move Contacts
  5. Export: Export selected Contacts, if at least one Contact is selected, or All Contacts, if none of the Contacts is selected
  6. Show Historical: Include Contacts that are marked as Historical
  7. Quick Search: Type in the first letters of First, Last or Account Name
  8. Paging:  Use < or > to move to the previous or next page, if applicable.
  9. Sort:  Sort your search results
  10. Filter and column configuration:  More on filters here. To learn about column configuration read this post.
Clicking on an a Contact opens up a complete overview of the contact where you view contact details, a summary, assigned accounts, organizational structure, Leads and IBOs, and interactions.
This listview displays rows of  data, based on the  Filter.  Usually users do not want to look at all records.  Please read this post about filters, exports and reports.