Opportunities (IBOs) Setup

The Opportunity Profile in Customize/Opportunities of ASPEC Setup is designed to customize the form and import IBOs.


Fig 1: IBO Setup


Clicking  Import IBOs. loads a page containing all tools needed to upload an import file, verify the file and perform the import.

  • Default Expert Mode is used when adding new users to ASPEC.  If the Default Expert Mode is on, then new User Profiles will have this option turned on  as well.  This option can be then turned off for individual users.  Read more on IBO Advisor Expert here.
  • Show All IBO-focused Interactions on Sales Cycle Graph: if this option is checked then all IBO-focused Interactions are considered critical and, as such, will be displayed along IBO.  If this option is turned off, then the user can select if the Interaction is critical or not.  Read more on Interactions here.
  • Enable Stage section: IBO can have 2 “bar’ fields, each with a custom label and the list of values set in Lookups Setup.

Fig 2: “Bar” fields enabled

The section is displayed in the left part of the IBO form, below Contacts and above Products. Often such fields are used as stages or progress bars.


Fig 3: Example of “bar” fields on IBO

Add Custom Fields and Custom Fields Layout  to configure the sections of Custom Fields to add them to the form.


  • Check for Open Leads and IBOs when creating a new IBO or Lead: If this option is selected then users will see a prompt when creating new IBOs and Leads under a Contact that already has an open IBO or an open Lead.
  • Allow saving overdue IBOs: If this option is selected then IBOs can be saved with the “When will this opportunity end?” date in the past.
  • Include Last and Next in the Priority view: If it is enabled, a new column appears to the right of IBO Essentials column. It shows the last interaction and the next appointment or task

Fig 4: Last/Next column in Priority view

  • Use Searchable Competitor field: Useful for long lists of Competitors. If this option is selected, an additional search box is available above the Competitors checkbox in the Advisor Expert.

Fig 5: Searchable Competitors field