Marketing Interactions

If your organization is using a Marketing module of ASPEC then you can take advantage of tracking Interactions that are related to a Marketing Event.


Fig 1: Marketing Interaction

You can create Event focused Interactions from a Marketing Event.  They will be automatically linked to Contacts that participate in the Event.

You can also create a single Event-focused Interaction from a selected Contact.

  1. From Marketing Events

A Marketing Event can result in an Interaction. For example, you completed an Email Blast Event and you want to create an Event-focused Email Interaction under each Contact that was sent that Email.

Each Event in edit mode has a checkbox for creating Event-focused Interaction under Contacts included in the Collection linked to that Event.

In the image of an Event below its Contact Collection is denoted with (1) and the checkbox with (2).


Fig 2: Marketing Event

Note: you can mark an Event to created Interaction only if the Campaign is being edited.  When you are done, don’t forget to click OK (3) on the Event to save it.

When the Status of the Event is changed to Completed, a dialog box displays fields to confirm and fill out the fields the creation of Marketing Interactions. Interactions will be created under each Contact from the Collection.


Fig 3: Creating Marketing Interaction from a Completed Event

Clicking OK on the dialog box results in Marketing Interactions.  An example is displayed in Fig 1 on this page.  The Interaction contains a link to the Event and to the Contact.

2. From a Contact.

You can create a single Marketing Interaction from a selected Contact. Click Add Interaction, choose Marketing Interaction as a Type and select a Campaign and Event.


Fig 4: Creating Marketing Interaction manually

Viewing Marketing Interactions

Interactions listview displays all Interactions, Including Marketing ones.   You can filter the listview to find Marketing Interactions that are linked to a specific Event.  To do that, go to the Interaction listview and set the filter to search for specific Event.


Fig 5: Filtering Marketing Interactions by Event

If you want to see all Marketing Interactions, select Interaction Focus in the filter and seach for Marketing Focus.

You can also view Interactions on the Interactions widgets on Accounts and Contacts.  On the right hand-side there is a link to the Event or the Lead.  If the Marketing switch is enabled then the widget displays only Marketing Interactions, because IBO-focused and Relationship-focused Interactions belong to the Sales module.


Fig 6: Marketing Interactions on the Interaction widget.