Accounts Listview

Account listview displays Accounts or Sub-Accounts.  Users can decide which Accounts to display, which fields to include and how to sort the list.  Columns configuration and Presets (re-used search) are saved individually for each users.


The list of Accounts can be accessed from anywhere in ASPEC, by clicking Account tab in the top navigation ribbon.

Fig 1: Account tab

The listview has the following elements:

Fig 2: Account listview

The listview has the following features that for viewing and creating Accounts:

  1. Create, Delete, Merge, Export:  these buttons are displayed or hidden, depending on each user’s access rights.  The relevant operation (Create, Delete etc.) is performed on Accounts that are selected (“ticked”) in the box to the left of the first column.
  2. Show Sub-Account: If this option is selected, then the listview displays Accounts and Sub-Accounts from all levels.  If this options is deselected, you will see only root Accounts. More on Account structure in this post.
  3. Quick Search: Type in a few letters to search for the matching Account(s)
  4. Page and Listview record numbers: Here ASPEC displays the indexes of records displayed on the current page and the total number of records in the listview on all pages.  On the right you see controls for navigating to the previous and next page
  5. Field to sort on and sort order
  6. Presets
  7. Configurable columns:  Learn more on configuring columns in this post.
  8. Filter:  Filter and Presets are described here.



The listview is split into pages.  You can change the number of the records displayed in a signle page at the right bottom of the listview.


Fig 3: Changing the number of records per page

Clicking on an account opens up an Account form providing a complete overview of the selected Account.
This listview displays rows of  data, based on the  Filter.  Usually users do not want to look at all records.  Please read this post about filters, exports and reports.