• Event Source

    If your organization is using the ASPEC Marketing module, you can track how and when the contact became interested, by … Read more →

  • Contact Collections

    Marketing Events target specific groups of Contacts or have an undefined audience.  Collections of Contacts are comprised of static or dynamic … Read more →

  • Marketing Campaigns and Events

    Marketing Campaigns are developed, created, and implemented in the Marketing module of ASPEC CRM.  Each Campaign is geared towards to a … Read more →

  • Marketing module

    Marketing is the patron of selling, the source of its livelihood. The smooth functioning of marketing campaigns and the effortless … Read more →

  • Lead

    Lead In ASPEC, A Lead is an expression of interest in your product or service.  Leads may or may not … Read more →

  • Follow-Up Lists

    When a marketing Event is created, you want to ensure that the applicable Contact are targeted in a timely manner.  For … Read more →

  • Marketing Interactions

    If your organization is using a Marketing module of ASPEC then you can take advantage of tracking Interactions that are … Read more →

  • Campaigns Setup

    Customize/Campaings page of the ASPEC Setup is designed for importing Marketing Campaigns and Events. Fig: Campaigns and Events Setup